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Top recommendations from locals

“This is the ultimate ‘hipster’ venue, the culmination of canal trendiness and a self-proclaimed temple to ghetto culture. The museum and thrift shop are decorated with typewriters, old maps, and fossils (making for delightful daytime rummaging). Meanwhile two Afro-Caribbean themed bars serving up cocktails take over the night shift. It’s a guaranteed good time, although you’ll be lucky to get a spot big enough to put down your drink – the air here is thick with hipsters. The Comptoir Général also hosts music nights, as well as various educational, cultural, and charity events.”
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Historic Site
“Check the ongoing exhibition and buy your ticket in advance to avoid the queue. ”
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“May be the nicest "passage" in Paris, near the old National Library and the Place des Victoires. ”
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Art Gallery
“A place of art but also a place to live, where you can eat and have a drink at the bar, study at the ressource center, and appreciate a concert, a debate or a projection in a one day time.”
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Art Museum
“a local home in the XIX century in a garden with french impressionist painting ”
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Performing Arts-scene
“le 104 is a contemporary art center, located just at the end of my street. Super fun to hang out there, a big FAME vide due to all the kids coming to practice their dance moves and singing.”
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Art Museum
“Welcome to Espace Dalí, close to the Place du Tertre, in the artistic district of Montmartre. The permanent exhibition offers the largest collection in France of sculptures, engravings and lithographs created by Salvador Dalí, the master of Surrealism. Here we can discover an artist who wished to capture the great themes as he saw them in such works as The Persistence of Memory, but also the Venus Spatiale, an embodiment of beauty, Dali-style. Here we can also enjoy the designer who applied his unique visionary conceptions to everyday objects, as demonstrated by his Boca Canapé, the famous Mae West Lips Sofa.”
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Art Gallery
“always something interesting going on there. And the place itself is very nice.”
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“Regular temporary exhibitions dedicated to great Haute couture designers. A nice and peaceful garden. ”
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“You think there is only favelas in Brazil? Well, this on is in the middle of Paris and they consider themselves chic.”
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Art Gallery
“This art gallery behind the Place de Clichy demonstrates how artists can make statements through photography. In this incredible space, you’ll find provocative works that may be considered arcane but convey extraordinary messages. One large room displays the majority of the works, but head into the smaller, more intimate room below to dive deeper into the artists’ work.”
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Art Gallery
“For their homemade burgers made out of fresh products, their quality meat and their honest prices.”
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“The 96 is a bus that can lead you to the Cirque d'hiver, the Marais, Saint Paul, l'Hôtel de ville, Saint Germain des Près... Very convenient !”
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Art Gallery
“A very impressive exhibition space, showcasing some of the best-known modern and contemporary artist. Worth the journey! ”
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Art Gallery
“An alternative place, organizing all kind of cultural / music / art events. They also have a great restaurant/bar”
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Cultural Center
“Café Suédois: nice little cafe in the heart of the Swedish Institute who made delicious Smörgâs, sandwiches and cakes. I love the courtyard / patio when the weather is nice! Unfortunately now closed for works!”
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