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“ Looks and feels like Europe - old buildings and lots of places to explore and also some great restaurants.”
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Art Museum
“Foundation for contemporary art with the mission of giving Montreal the best in international art, for free. ”
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Science Museum
“A chain of cinemas known to broadcast 3D movies on a giant screen, including blockbusters. Check their website for schedules.”
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“Great venue that can be transformed into anything - it is owned by the city and has to be rented out - but the sky's the limit once you decide to. -C2 MTL - F1”
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History Museum
“Photos & artifacts tell the story of Montréal & its people in a space once used as a fire station. (1.9k)”
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History Museum
“With a history of more than 300 years, the Château Ramezay has been preserving Montreal’s heritage since 1895, when it was converted into a museum. Château Ramezay is one of the first buildings in the province of Québec to be declared a historic monument. It is also Québec’s oldest private history museum. he Château Ramezay has been a part of Montreal’s history for over a century. The Château houses a rich collection of artifacts that provide a view into Montreal’s unique history. Visitors can relive Montreal’s history through the various artifacts that are present in the permanent exhibition and the Château’s garden.”
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“The Dufresne-Nincheri Museum combines two unique heritage sites Its a former Beaux-Arts style mansion from 1918. It contains a rich collection of furniture, as well as murals painted”
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“An impressive FREE Barbie Expo downtown Montreal (inside Cours Mont-Royal) with different impressive displays such as a fashion runway, wearing different designers, costumes, etc.”
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“One of the oldest surviving farm houses (from around 1668) in Montreal. You can reach it by the autobus 61 from our street corner. ”
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History Museum
“As it name is, Lachine Canal is a recognized historical site located in the southwest of Montreal. The urban route consists of 14.5km which runs from old port of montreal to st. Louis lake. It is also characterized by 5 locks. The most interesting part of this canal is that the linear urban park host a variety of activities throughout the year and tourist or anyone can stroll, cycle, have a picnic or rent a kayak or pedal boat during their visit.”
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Movie Theater
“For any film lover.Exhibits are always free. This film conservatory shows over 500 international films and videos a year. While viewings do have an admission fee, the exhibitions, which include historical equipment, scripts, stills, photos, props, and costumes, are always free”
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“ Le musée Stewart fait parti de l'ile Saint-Hélène (Bioshère, La Ronde) et le stationnement est 6.50/h ou 19/jours. Préférable de débarquer a la station Jean-Drapeau par le metro. Des bus preuve ensuite vous mener à La plage Jean-Drapeau, La Ronde, Le casino.”
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Art Gallery
“A stunning space, the Darling Founderie is an integral part of Montreal's cultural scene. If you're not into art, it's worth it just to see the beautifully renovated architecture of this once industrial space. Plus it's just a walk down the block!”
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History Museum
“Come see authentic New-France house filled with artifacts from the different times of Lachine.”
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“The Armand-Frappier Museum is a space devoted to the interpretation of sciences related to human health. This popular place of popularization offers many fun and educational family activities: exhibition, weekend workshops "Young people in the lab! », Day camps, activities in the park, cultural events ... A variety of means is available to the public: multimedia, interactive or digital productions, animated workshops, there is something for everyone! Accompanied by animators, visitors of all ages actively participate in activities in the context of exhibitions or in the laboratory. The Armand-Frappier Museum's mission is to promote the understanding of scientific issues related to human health by offering educational activities to the entire population.”
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History Museum
“Eco-Musée du Fier Monde. Museum on the working class and the industrial revolution. In a former public bath. ”
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