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Havn / Marina
“You can find anything you want, food, drinks and all of that with an amazing view ”
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“Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located in roughly the center of the island. Its highest peak is Mount Olympus, also known as Chionistra, at 1,952 meters, which hosts four ski slopes. The Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. There are many mountain resorts, Byzantine monasteries, and churches on mountain peaks, and nestling in its valleys and mountains are villages clinging to terraced hills. The area has been known since antiquity for its mines, which for centuries supplied copper to the entire Mediterranean. In the Byzantine period it became a centre of Byzantine art, as churches and monasteries were built in the mountains, away from the threatened coastline. Whether you are looking to discover the hidden cultural jewels of Cyprus, have an exciting hiking activity, or simply relax in the green area of Cyprus, Troodos is waiting for you!”
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“A must see place! You can combine it with a nice swim at Agios Ermogenis Beach which is right below the Ancient Theatre”
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Bus Stop
“The largest mall in Limassol is a short drive away, great for shopping, food and coffee. It has a large selection of shops from budget to high end. ”
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“A must see when in Limassol. A lot of cafes, restaurants around to spend the whole day while there ”
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“Welcome to the new Limassol Zoo. After design and study, a completely modern reconstruction of the ZKL was carried out, using materials such as stone, glass, rope and wood. Avoiding cold cement and metal structures.”
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Amusement Park
“Really good waterpark with a range of fun to terrifying rides! You can get half price tickets if you join "The Entertainer" website / app. Although you pay to join the app the overall price for app plus 2 tickets for the waterpark is usually cheaper.”
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Department Store
“A 2-minute walk away from Yvonne's Retreat, Debenhams is a convenient place when looking for somewhere to buy groceries, clothes or makeup. There's a cafe upstairs with amazing sea views! ”
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Historic Site
“The Limassol castle is situated near the old harbouring the heart of the historical centre of the city of Limassol. The castle as it appears today is a structure rebuilt circa 1590 under the period of Ottoman rule!”
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“Dasoudi CTO Beach. Located about 2 km from Old World Charm. This is a very popular organized beach with sunbeds, parasols, changing rooms, showers, water sports, cafeterias, restaurants with a eucalyptus forest as a backdrop. Access is easy by bike, bus or car with car parking available on the east and west side of the beach. A bus stop is located nearby. Disabled and wheel chair accessible.”
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Beach Bar
“summer rave bar and all-day beach club serving drinks and food. Special DJ event every Sunday from May to October. In the east of Limassol, not in walking distance, voted one of the 10 best beach bars in the world! ”
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“Once was an important military stronghold, now is beautiful medieval castle.”
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“A street full of shops. You can also go right and left from it and find yourself in the center of old city”
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Night Club
“The only club on the island within touching distance of the sea it offers exotic cocktails, great atmosphere and the latest in commercial music!! ”
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Natural Feature
“The trail is acclivity linear length of three kilometers. It starts north of "Psilodentro" and leads to the homonymous waterfall within a half hour. If you want you can start from the downhill side of the Troodos Square, both paths follow along with the "Cold River" that permanently is running water and leads to the "tall tree" in Pano Platres. Cataract Kalidonia is the second largest in height to 12 meters and best known of Cyprus. Waterfall of Caledonia named after Scots when they visited the area and were charmed by its beauty, with the waterfall running nonstop between a beautiful dense forest. It reminded their homeland and they call it Caledonia, as the Scotland was called in ancient times. You will take countless photos of the beautiful scenery at every step! It will however find the path a bit hard but believe me is worth it though. You can rest at various viewpoints which have been selected by the Department of Forestry, which is offered in many cases panoramic views mainly in a cold river and Platres community. ”
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Sjømat Restaurant
“Amazing fresh fish dishes. Choose your own lobster, oysters or crabs or choose from the menu of regular or daily specials.”
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