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Parker og natur i Kharkiv

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“ The Central amusement park remains a favorite pastime among families and friends' companies. Here you will find many attractions for children, for romantic walks and extreme lovers. And many other things. Come in!”
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“City Garden of T. G. Shevchenko is situated between Klochkovskaya and Sumskaya Street. It gathered the biggest amount of monuments on its territory. There is also a concert hall “Ukraine”, Kharkov Zoo and the dolphinarium called “Nemo”,in the lost you can see both a romantic show for adults and the performances for children. It also contains oceanarium,dolphin therapy,a hotel,a restaurant and the fitness-centre.”
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“Sarzhin Yar There is a natural ravine three minutes walk from “Botanichniy Sad” station. It is an old girder that now - is a beautiful park zone more than 12 km length. This place is a real green island between the concrete building of Kharkov with its mineral water source and it’s cupel that refreshes in summer and recovers in winter. There is also a sporting court for those who wants to keep fit and playing garden for children,some tables for ping-pong. For fishing amateurs there is an extemporaneous pond with the trout there and you can get the fishing rod and the bait for free. You can take in the view of Sarzhin Yar from a birds eye view with the help of ropeway that is more than 1 km and it starts in M. Gorkiy Park. It is a splendid place for the rest with children,playing games,picnics,sport,fishing.”
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Monument / Landmark
“Одна из самых знаменитых достопримечательностей на весь Харьков. Нельзя приехать в Харьков, и не увидеть это наполененное красотой и величием место. А напротив самый большой концертный зал ХнАТОБ, приходите и туда, будьте в курсе культурных событиях города:) One of the most famous attractions in the whole of Kharkov. You can’t come to Kharkov and not see this place filled with beauty and grandeur. On the contrary, the largest concert hall of KhNATOB, come there, be aware of the cultural events of the city :)”
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“Здесь можно посетить редкие и уникальные мероприятия, фестивали и выставки, заняться искусством и спортом; отдыхать и культурно развиваться всей семьей; учиться танцам, актерскому мастерству, вкусно готовить и варить кофе; делать модные мужские прически; проводить собственные мероприятия и праздники. А еще здесь каждый найдет своих единомышленников, которые оценят по достоинству ваш творческий потенциал и помогут воплотить ваши идеи в жизнь.”
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