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Grunnleggende i Kharkiv Oblast

Tennis Court
“ The Central amusement park remains a favorite pastime among families and friends' companies. Here you will find many attractions for children, for romantic walks and extreme lovers. And many other things. Come in!”
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Night Club
“Visiting Kharkiv you should obviously drop into Misto entertainment center, it is a really popular night club located in Klochkovskaya street near city center. You can dance here as there are two dance floors, play bowling with your friends , have a rest in SPA/Jacuzzi place, to swim in swimming pool, have a dinner in sushi bar, enjoy the time in lounge bar and karaoke bar. Everybody will find something interesting and entartain yourself”
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“Freedom Square in Kharkiv is the 6-th largest city-centre square in Europe.”
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Shopping Mall
“Hypermarket "Dafi". It is a lot of boutiques, little shops, restaurants of a fast food, a skating rink, grocery shop, bowling, cinema.”
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“Multilateral project that combines animal care and assistance, therapy for children with special needs, rehabilitation, research and educational facilities, as well as leisure for those who love nature. There is a zoo, a cafe, a lake and many cool events for children. Everyone love animals, communicate with them and even in the open air! So Ecopark is a great place for the whole family. Here you can not only look at the animals, but also communicate with them in the contact zoo. There are many animals (lions, tigers, wolves, bears, different birds, sheep, cattle) in Ecopark. If you are hungry and tired, there are many cafes here.”
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“Freedom Square in Kharkiv is the 6-th largest city-centre square in Europe.Originally named (1926–1996) Dzerzhinsky Square / Since the independence of Ukraine in 1991 it was named as Freedom Square”
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“Замечательная кухня и атмосфера, всего в 5 минутах от квартиры. Очень вкусная пицца, особенно кальцоне. Интерьер также не оставит вас равнодушным.”
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Post Office
Shopping Mall
“Самый популярный в Харькове торговый центр. Здесь же находиться и лучший киноцентр Планета кино.”
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Point of Interest
“The new building of the Opera House points out against small houses constructed in the 19th – early 20th centuries in Sumskaya street. The construction which you see nowadays was erected not many years ago, in 1991.It was designed by Kiev architects in the Post modernist style and it took almost 20 years to build it from 1970 till 1991It houses different administrative facilities, Kinopalac cinema, two auditoriums for 1500 and 4000 seats Magnificent light and music fountains just in front of the thetre are mutually complimentary creating mysterious atmosphere and inviting you with warm hospitality”
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Shopping Mall
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“Как бы ни было жарко в городе, в городском саду гости найдут зелень и прохладу, свежесть воды фонтанов.”
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