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Finn ut hva som gjør byen unik med hjelp fra lokalbefolkningen – alt fra omvisninger til skjulte perler.

“Take the telepherique/cablecar up to Bastille or hike up the steps for a magnificent view of the city. It is a military fort built in the nineteen century during the war. It now features fun attractions like the cave, views, restaurants and zipline.”
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Natural Feature
“A ski resort, one hour drive from Avignon and a nice place for hiking during summer.”
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“La Ferme aux Crocodiles est une serre tropicale de 9 500m² et un parcours extérieur de 4 000 m² dans lesquels évoluent plus de 600 animaux (crocodiles, serpents, tortues, oiseaux, poissons, lézards) ; espèces parmi les plus rares et menacées. Deux nouveaux espaces dédiés aux grands serpents et à la thématique Amérique du Sud proposent aux visiteurs d’admirer les animaux évoluant dans des écosystèmes totalement reconstitués. ”
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Historic Site
“Théâtre Antique and Museum d’Orange (Roman). The most beautiful Roman theatre in Europe. (A UNESCO World Heritage Site).”
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Sculpture Garden
“The Ideal Palace is unique builing, built from 1879 to 1912 by the postman Ferdinand Cheval. During this period of 33 years he built this construction stone for stone, patiently and persistent, collecting stones during his daily post tours. Since 1969 it is classified as an histoical monument. The Palace is located in Hauterives in France (around 100km from Presbytère Stefanus)”
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Art Museum
“Great museum with parking underneath and the restaurant is very good (Le 5)”
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“Visitez le plus grand parc animalier d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, à dix minutes d'Annonay !”
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Historic Site
“You can get in free to look at the gardens, or, for about 5 € more, be taken on a tour of the interior conducted in French.”
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Shopping Mall
“Quand le col de romeyere semble trop calme et qu’on a une envie de shopping, ce centre commercial a 45 minutes vaut le détour.”
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“Parc Paul Mistral is the biggest open park in Grenoble. In the park you can try running, jogging, there is an open skating area, and a stadium. In the park you can also find La Bobine, one of the most popular bars (and also a restaurant during the day) in the city. The place is normally full of very interesting people, mostly students but also people from all ages. If you are looking for a place to interact with other people and feel at home in the spirit of the Alps, you should come to Parc Paul Mistral!”
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Natural Feature
“Vous y trouverez de belles balades ou randonnées au frais. Non loin, au centre du village de saou, vous aurez de quoi vous désaltérer après l’effort ! ”
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Chocolate Shop
“You'll taste amazing chocolates and watch how they are made from scratch. Wonderful place !”
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“A place to learn and discover the historical people of Grenoble and their lifestyle, the olympics, Japanese art and French history.”
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Transit Station
“A must see tourist spot! you can walk upto the place: 40 min, (there are stairs as well as path) or use the cable car. On a clear day you can see Mt. Blanc and of course the beautiful city of grenoble”
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“Un super parc, des boutiques, restaurants, un jolie quartier. Bref, un bon endroit où aller.”
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“If you are a keen cyclist then cycling up Mont Ventoux is iconic. If not take a drive, the views are wonderful. Malaucene at the bottom of the mountain is lovely and offers bicycle hire shops.”
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