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Top recommendations from locals

“Alaunpark. Because everybody enjoys uncomplicated chilling on the gras or playing Frisbee, making music or just day dreaming. At day or night time this place is perfect for chillaxing under the open sky and meeting easy-going people.”
  • 19 lokalkjente anbefaler
“Lovely traditional village near Dresden. Calm and natural Restaurants and Cafés, the one or other shop and studio, everything made and maintained with love. Hint: Go up the church tower for an amazing few over the village and the nearby Elbe river as well as wine vineyards. A cozy Café/ Restaurant is "Alte Apotheke", as the name says it's in the style of an old chemist's shop. :)”
  • 13 lokalkjente anbefaler
“You like wine, brut and champagne? Enyoj the tour and taste all the surprises from the local wineyards.”
  • 13 lokalkjente anbefaler
Indie Movie Theater
“Nice kino, plays English movies with German subtitles - not only commercial; Take #13 tram from Bürger Str - direction Prohlis - and get out at Görlitzer Str. ”
  • 21 lokalkjente anbefaler
“A huge restaurant with Biergarten and offering very delicious home-made ice-cream. A beutiful place to enjoy the Elbe riverside, while having a beer. ”
  • 22 lokalkjente anbefaler
“Das Karl-May-Museum ist ein interaktives Museum für die ganze Familie. Hier geht es nicht ausschließlich um Winnetou und Old Shatterhand sondern insbesondere um die Geschichte der Ureinwohner, ihre Rituale, Lebensweisen und stetige Entwicklung bis in das heutige 21. Jahrhundert. Nehmt Euch zwei bis drei Stunden für Euren Ausflug Zeit - danach werdet Ihr begeistert sein! ”
  • 7 lokalkjente anbefaler
Tysk restaurant
“Fine drinks and food and 3 castles on the hills along the riverbank. Not only a summer-destination. Note: There a lot of old trees at the park...”
  • 16 lokalkjente anbefaler
Light Rail Station
“"Großer Garten" is a huge park in Dresden, very silent and beautiful. It is worth to see. The park is good for jogging, cycling or simply walking. There is also a zoo.”
  • 7 lokalkjente anbefaler
Natural Feature
“Near Frauenkirche there are some steps you can walk up to arrive at a big "balcony" of sorts overlooking the river...but you can walk along this pathway for some time in both directions, surveying the river, the old buildings, and some lovely ornamental landscape designs. Especially nice on a sunny day in the summer.”
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“Fancy some kind of time machine? Enjoy the 360° view over the roofs of Dresden from a past time.”
  • 10 lokalkjente anbefaler
“steel truss bridge | one of the first in Europe not supported by “piers” | impressive technological achievement at the time | nickname “Blue Wonder"”
  • 17 lokalkjente anbefaler
“Schöner kleiner Zoo. Selbst mit kleinen Kindern ist man hier in zwei bis drei Stunden an allen Tieren vorbeigelaufen und kann sich Zeit auf den schönen Spielplätzen nehmen. Neben Tigern, Elefanten, Giraffen etc. finden sich auch Tiere, die man sonst nicht überall sieht - z.B. ein Faultier. ”
  • 9 lokalkjente anbefaler
“Ein unglaublich schönes Militär-Museum. The amazing ARMY museum from Dresden ”
  • 8 lokalkjente anbefaler
Monument / Landmark
“Quite impresive. Can be recognized from the airplane because of its brightness!”
  • 9 lokalkjente anbefaler
Art Gallery
“Its one of the best museum in Sachsen for modern art. And it stands near the river, which has a great view! ”
  • 6 lokalkjente anbefaler
“Superschön gelegen, unkompliziert, auch ausreichend groß und stadtnah, direkt am Fähranleger Johannstadt.”
  • 13 lokalkjente anbefaler