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View from the bedroom in Autumn...
View from the bedroom in Autumn...
  • bedroom : very bright and cosy
  • bedroom : green view
  • bedroom : this is the room which gets more light
  • bedroom: mirror and rustic wardrobe
  • Bedroom : spacious rustic wardrobe
  • bedroom : bedside table and vintage typewriter
  • bedroom  : design feature
  • View from the bedroom in Autumn...
  • Mirror and stairs
  • large mirror in the hall
  • Living room : bookshelf and dining table
  • Living room : Dining table
  • living room : plant + art piece
  • Living Room : colonial sofa with vintage cornet
  • Living room : retro fireplace with stove
  • Living room : sofa area
  • we love our stylish bathroom :)
  • Best bathroom in town ;)
  • bathroom : some sea shells and other decorative things
  • Victorian style toilet
  • Bathroom : wooden floor
  • bathroom : Victorian style shower
  • Bathtub : Victorian style taps
  • Manchester City Stadium
  • Islington Marina/Ancoats are 10 minutes walk away. You will find here the best bread in town at Pollen bakery, it's a fantastic place to have a gourmet breakfast. Several restaurants and bars are also located here.
  • Our closest Tram (Metrolink) stop is HOLT TOWN, which is 2 stops away from Piccadilly Station. Get the "Zone 1 +2 ticket". So if you come from the Airport you can take the train to Piccadilly and then the tram.
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View from the bedroom in Autumn...