Hopp til innhold
The front of the chalet.
The front of the chalet.
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • The front of the chalet.
  • Your view from the sitting area on the lower level.
  • Master bedroom downstairs
  • This is a beautiful fall day! 
Looking at the chalet from the
Other side of the lake.
  • This is upstairs looking from the kitchen area to the lake.
  • Sitting area on lower level, patio door goes into bedroom downstairs
  • Master bedroom downstairs, get out of bed and your steps to the water for a quick dip.
  • This is the view from the front windows looking into the kitchen area.
  • This is the view from your downstairs bedroom looking out the patio door to the lake.
  • Great day to be sitting on the dock enjoying the morning sun
  • Your winter view from the chalet. Beautiful blue sky and a open view of the lake.
  • Having a tough day at the chalet. Not sure what we should do next!! I guess we’ll just sit back and enjoy the view! 
This pic is from my renter Karl who was enjoying the view from the top deck.
  • Downstairs closet and 2 pc washroom
  • Downstairs sitting area
  • This is the back view of the chalet when you pull in the driveway.
  • Side lawn area
  • Paddle boat parking spot
  • Enjoying Fantasy Island.
  • Sit back and enjoy the fall weather with the changing of the leaves.
  • The morning October mist. The lake is starting to cool off.
  • Great ice for skating!
  • The lake in front of the chalet. It doesn’t get much smoother than this for skating on.
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • Enjoy your view
  • Downstairs bathroom
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • Chalet on the Lake
  • Chalet on the Lake
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The front of the chalet.