Hopp til innhold
Your path to the Pondhouse.
Your path to the Pondhouse.
  • The view from the bed. Doesn't get much better.
  • Photo taken Oct. 1, 2018. Still very green here!
  • My feet and Charlie were in the Boston Globe!
  • This  photo was taken by photographer Chris Funkin mod October.  During his stay in the pondhouse he had some fun staging some pretty magical boho style shots!
  • Photographer treylane_captures took this beautiful photo. The tall grasses are their most beautiful in mid October.
  • Another gorgeous photo by Photographer treylane_captures .
  • This photo was taken Sept. 27. The light on the tall grass is STUNNING! THIS is what you see from your bed.
  • Your front door...
  • Photographer Tracey Eller really caught the summer light perfectly!
  • The Pondhouse is a super romantic experience.
  • If you read our reviews - you will get to know Charlie. If you are a dog person he is available for lots of dog love. If you are not - he will give you space. He is VERY intuitive!
  • This photo was taken Oct. 12. The fall colors are incredible!
  • The fall colors on Oct. 15.
  • Beautiful light on the tall grass.
  • hmm- which is the best cozy reading spot? there are so many!
  • Even on a gray day it's beautiful inside the Pondhouse!
  • Just more beautiful shots...
  • Peter is pretty clever at making stuff This grill was made out of an oil drum cut in half!
  • As the wind blows...
  • The path to the house - a  2 min walk to your private bathroom. Charlie leads the way.
  • Chop your own kindling if you want!
  • The pond.
  • at night the only lights you see are the stars above.
  • Enjoy a walk at sunrise...
  • June light.
  • Your path to the Pondhouse.
  • Enjoy a walk with Charlie...
  • The newly mowed meadow right behind the Pondhouse!  leads to a wide logging trail that's a great hike. Charlie leads the way and helps guests find their way back IF they get lost!
  • The path to your bathroom - this is a 2 min walk from the pond house.
  • A 2 minute walk from the Pondhouse- The door to you bathroom
  • The hallway outside the bathroom... the cart/chopping block with lots of varieties of tea, organic sugar, silverware, recycled paper plates and bowls, mugs, french press and more, all for you!
  • Our second listing is only available to Pondhouse guests. This bedroom with a queen bed in the studio building right across from the bathroom works well if you are a group of 4 people and maybe not everyone is into glamping. Also nice to leave your stuff here so you can keep the Pondhouse nice and ZEN.
  • Please look at this closely!
  • Ashfield Lake - great swimming 5 min away!
  • The Pondhouse - A Magical Place
  • The Pondhouse - A Magical Place
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Your path to the Pondhouse.