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A la découverte des trésors du Louvre
Venez admirez les chefs d’œuvres du Louvre. Ma visite du Louvre est une visite concentrée sur les départements de peintures et sculptures. - Peintures françaises: vous verrez par exemple Le radeau de la Méduse, La Liberté guidant le peuple et le portrait de François 1er. - Au département de Peintures italiennes direction les chefs d’œuvres de Da Vinci, Raphaël, Véronèse et le Caravage. -Peintures flamandes: Je vous emmène voir les peintures de Rembrandt, Vermeer et Rubens. Si l'Antiquité gréco- romaine vous intéresse je peux vous emmener voir le département des sculptures. Pour finir la visite je vous emmène voir les œuvres insolites des parties moins fréquentées du Louvre pour découvrir les appartements de Napoléon et la civilisation oubliée de Mésopotamie. Autres remarques Le Louvre a peu d'ascenseurs et pour des raisons pratiques nous prendrons les escaliers. Par conséquent vous devez être dans la possibilité de les emprunter et de marcher 2h30.
The Louvre Museum and its masterpieces
The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, and it is so big that you could spend 8 months inside to discover the masterpieces that made it so famous: artworks that attest the greatness of many civilizations (like the Egyptian, the Greek and Roman ones) and the importance of European medieval and Renaissance art. Giotto, Botticelli, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and, of course, Ingres, Géricault, Delacroix, David, amongst others from all over Europe. The best way to explore the huge castle that hosted kings, queens, artists and officials since the Middle Ages, in two hours and an half/three hours (better than 8 months anyway) is to be guided. I’ll lead you inside this beautiful place, showing to you how the taste of people changed, how kings and kingdoms’ relationships influenced the creation of one of the most beautiful collections in the world. Remember that tickets are not included, buy water before starting and bring your camera, your curiosity and your best smile. If you want a tour in Italian or in French just contact me to have your tour in the language you prefer (https://abnb.me/WSqbN67UTZ)
Secret Cellar Cheese & Wine Tasting
At a charming cheese boutique in the Marais neighborhood, we'll dive straight into the vast and exciting world that is French cheese: the history, production process, science, regional specialties, and cultural significance. After exploring the cheeses in store, we'll descend to the 17th century cellar for the cheese-and-wine tasting, and even step into the cheese-aging chamber (please note that the cellar is not active during the months of July and August). While we can't guarantee that we'll try all 500+ varieties of French cheeses that are known to exist, you will taste a wide and representative selection! We'll also pair the cheeses with delightful organic or low intervention wines that will have your taste buds singing. Other things to note Our tasting room is located in a below-ground cellar, accessed via a steep staircase. Hence, this experience may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility.
Rise of Napoleon Paris Historic Walk
“My life… What a novel!”. Napoleon reflected as he was writing his memoirs. After the 10 years of the chaotic French Revolution, France was in ashes: decimated by the reign of terror, torn by a civil war, wars with Europe, financial bankruptcy and political instability. Could the Nation survive? Why did Winston Churchill referred to him as Napoleon the Great? Travel back in time and understand how the man became a general at age 24, how he rose to power and why he crowned himself Emperor at Notre-Dame! See where Napoleon got the lucky break of his military career; where he married Josephine, the love of his life; where they had dinner; and some of the institutions he created to modernize France. You will get a glimpse of his vision as a Head of State and the imprint he left on Paris’ architecture. I look forward to help you (re)discover one of the most fascinating figure in history! DETAILS: Adapted to all ages. Approx. 2hrs & 3,5Km/2Mi. Walk runs rain or shine. MY OTHER WALKS & ONLINE EXPERIENCES: La Fayette & Fathers of the American Revolution ; Kings & Queens ; French Revolution ; Art Nouveau Architecture ; and WWII Occupation & Liberation of Paris!
Discover the Treasures of the Louvre with an Art Historian
You have always dreamt of seeing the Louvre but were overwhelmed by its size? This tour turns the Louvre into an entertaining, educational, and inspiring experience. On this private tour (maximum 6 guests) we'll skip the line and enter the museum through a secret entrance. Once inside we'll discover together all the most famous masterpieces including, Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace and the Mona Lisa. We will also marvel at less known works of art, which will leave you with a deeper understanding of the art in the Louvre. MUSEUM TICKET IS NOT INCLUDED. You will need to get a ticket if you are over 18 (or over 25 for EU nationals). You can get your museum ticket from the museum's official website: www. ticketlouvre. fr If you are unable to get a ticket from the website (there is only a limited number of tickets online that tends to run out fast), don't worry - there are always tickets we can get on the spot in the museum. Just please send me a quick message so we can plan this in advance. Thank you! :)

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Louvre x Families customized visit
Customize your visit to the Louvre and have a playful learning experience . Your whole family will embark on a fascinating expedition to discover different civilizations: we will travel back in time to learn about art thanks to the Louvre’s invaluable collections. During this interactive and exciting visit, families will work as a team of detectives, discovering why the works of art are so famous, decode their meaning, find details and secrets that lie behind the most famous pieces of the museum such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and more. All the pieces are selected for its relevance as milestones in art history; what's more: the 3-hour tour is enriched with exciting stories that will lead you to discover the history of the Louvre’s Palace and the kings and queens who inhabited. This tour is designed to give children an entertaining introduction to art appreciation while the activities train their observation skills, critical thinking, curiosity. Families will come out not only with a clear image of the Louvre's collection, but also having learned the concepts of art in general. Parents will learn and practice many different exercises they can use to engage kids at any museum.
Bike & Brunch: The Best of Versailles
Why walk with the crowds & stand in line when you can bike, brunch & skip the line? Designed with the efficient traveller in mind, join us to ride, taste & hear the scandalous tales of the French Royal Family on this truly memorable trip. We take the train to Versailles where we are licensed to guide inside and Skip the infamous Line to explore the Château & iconic Hall of Mirrors. We ride through the town & breath-taking Royal Grounds. The stunning 2,000 acres of Versailles are far larger than most expect. You can save your feet, escape the crowds & discover secret places seen by few tourists & unknown to Parisians. Our bikes enable us to access places others cannot, the ride is leisurely, far from the Tour de France! Having worked up an appetite we lay out our French picnic brunch by the Grand Canal. In France we take picnics very seriously: great company, baguettes, wine, cheese, local charcuterie. Be prepared to taste local food & picnic like a royal in the sun! If you are looking for a unique experience, out of the city, away from hoards of tourists, & want to make the most of your time in Versailles- look no further than this trip! GOOD TO KNOW: -Group size limited to 12 Riders. -€30 on the day for entry tickets. -We Skip the Line & Guide Inside the Château, we do not leave you with an audio guide -Vegetarian, Vegan & Special Dietary Options available.
Orsay Museum and Impressionism
We will discover together all the masterpieces of the Museum(Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas ...). Thanks to many anecdotes that I have collected over years, you will learn about impressionism and the most famous artists on display at the Orsay Museum. I will also show you some amazing views on Paris and 19th century Orsay train station. Other things to note Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Always happy to interact with you to find your perfect experience. ********************************************************************* If you love Impressionnisme, I can also propose you a private visit of Orangerie or Marmottan museum.
Family scavenger hunt in the Louvre
Through an amazing family scavenger hunt inside the Louvre, you will discover the most fascinating museum in the world. This stunning place—previously the palace of kings—is full of mysteries and real treasures. Guess what? I will help you discover all its hidden secrets. As a former teacher from the French Education Nationale, and a state-licensed guide, I have created this special family experience to be funny and interactive. Through little anecdotes for the big ones and riddles for the smaller ones, the whole family will be involved in a funny and cultural experience. Did you know that the "Mona Lisa" disappeared during two years, between 1911 and 1913, having been stolen by Italian workers? Did you know that Louis XIII used to hunt foxes inside the great gallery of the museum? More than a museum tour, this family scavenger hunt will take you inside a time machine that leads you from the médiéval Louvre to Napoleon III 's receptions rooms passing by "Venus de Milo" and, of course, the queen of the museum, "Mona Lisa." Other things to note: The experience is made for children until 14. An adult version of the scavenger hunt exists with notebooks. The price of the tour is justified by the colored printed notebooks and goodies given at the end. Please be on time because I have double days and it delays the tours.Merci!
NOT YOUR BASIC FOOD TOUR ! (All food is included) Hygienic measures : group of 10 people maximum. Hydroalcoholic gel before and after each tasting ! Food is life but safety first :) After having a blast with our food tours in Le Marais, Montmartre and London we are thrilled to launch a third tour around le Canal St Martin. A beautiful 4.6 km long canal in Paris, filled with gems and amazing restaurants. On the menu ? 4 hours of the best street food :) Of course there will be french classics but not only ! Truffle pizza, the best "chausson aux pommes" in Paris, beautiful grilled cheese with french products, amazing homemade sandwichs/burgers and so much more ! Tastings may vary depending on the season (VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME) (DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE NOT INCLUDED) ▶ What this tour is about ✔ - Many tastings to share - Melty gooey cheese - A nice walk around le Canal Saint Martin - What locals actually eat - Lots of fun - Funny/bad jokes - Pictures and souvenirs - Smiles - A list of serious recommendations in Paris - New friends from all around the world ✌

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Learn to bake French croissant w/ a chef
Learn how to make the typically "French Croissant" & the "Pain au chocolat" :) During this interactive cooking lesson, you will be hands-on in the kitchen and, equipped with an apron and all the utensils you need, you will learn how to make the "French Croissant" & the "Pain au chocolat", and one mystery confection! You will be in control of your creations from start to finish, from the moment you lay eyes on the recipe for the first time to the moment you take your creation out of the oven. I will be at your side to guide you and teach you, with full explanations, the techniques you need to guarantee your baking will be a success! At the end of your experience, we can taste what you have baked and chat about your trip to Paris and I’ll also be happy to give you my culinary advice, recommendations and opinions.
The Best Photos in Paris
Esta é uma experiência perfeita para você que deseja ter belas fotos por um baixo custo e conhecer novas pessoas. Aproveite o momento para se divertir, conhecer pessoas e ter ótimas lembranças! Garanta sua vaga pois nossos horários esgotam rápido! Nesta experiência você fará um pequeno tour fotográfico. Se desejar algo especial e exclusivo é possível reservar um horário diferente. Nos mande uma mensagem. - Esta é uma experiência compartilhada. Cada horário atende até máximo 6 pessoas. - Cada tour tem duração de até 1 hora. - Faremos uma caminhada e parar em alguns pontos para que cada participante seja fotografado, enquanto o restante do grupo espera por sua vez. - Se você estiver acompanhado precisa fazer a reserva de cada uma das pessoas que estiver com você, inclusive crianças. - Cada pessoa terá direito a escolher 5 fotos. Mas você pode comprar fotos extras se quiser. - A entrega será feita no máximo até 5 dias após a experiência, enviadas por um link online. Se houver alguma dúvida, nos mande uma mensagem. Vamos adorar ter você com a gente!
Speakeasy, explore hidden bars in Paris
Paris offers a lot of speakeasy bars for night owls. We will start the night at my favourite hidden gem in the 3rd arrondissement, we will spend about one hour here then head to the next bar which is a 6 minutes’ walk. Some of the bars have secret entrances so be ready for a fun night. The bars have amazing cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic drinks, good music and a good ambiance. There are plenty of secret bars and unfortunately we cannot explore all of them in one night. However, I will share with you the location of other secret bars which you can visit later.Please be advised drinks or food NOT included. Other things to note Experience time says it lasts 2 hours but you are welcome to stay at the bars as long as you like. If your preferred hour is fully booked, don't worry, bar fits a lot of people - send us a message on Airbnb.
Addictive Tasting Cheese&Wine&Sommelier
Let’s talk about Wine and cheese at the French table! Let’s eat together the most incredibles and famous Cheeses in the world with the best wine combinations ! Red and white ! WHAT ARE the TOP secrets to enjoy wine like the French do? What is your favorite region in France to choose your wine? And ... What ABOUT THE SENSUALITY OF CHEESE? ATTRACTION OF SMELLY CHEESE? Pheromones at play!!!! We are going to show you THE OLDEST Paris market named Mouffetard, in the Latin quarter. Catherine will introduce you to unique food producers. Then we'll go to our warm private restaurant next to the market Chef Sommelier Alex has prepared for you a French-style tasting experience with cheese, wines fruits and traditional bread. We have also prepared some fun games such as blind tasting or others ! Every experience is unique ! we adapt the experience to YOU ! An unforgettable human experience! You will bring home fun tips and French food & wine etiquette, Make new foodie friends around the world We are waiting for you !
Versailles: Food & Palace Bike Tour
Why walk with the crowds & stand in line when you can ride a bike & skip the line? Join us to ride, taste & explore on this truly memorable day trip. Escape the crowds, explore the Château, gardens & discover secret places seen by few tourists and even unknown to Parisians! We take the train to Versailles, hop on bikes to explore our beautiful town & award winning food market to & shop like a local for a French picnic lunch. We ride through the breath-taking Royal Gardens, admire Louis' fountains, indulge in market treats whilst hearing all the gossip & scandalous tales of the French Royal Family. Having worked up an appetite we lay out our authentic French picnic lunch by the Grand Canal. There is no better place to picnic & relax in the sun! Post picnic we Skip the Line to explore the Château: State Rooms, King's bedroom & Hall of Mirrors. We are proud to be one of the few tours licensed to guide inside. Be prepared to taste local food & picnic like a royal in the sun! If you are looking for a unique experience, out of the city, away from hoards of tourists, and want to make the most of your time in Versailles- look no further than this day trip. GOOD TO KNOW: -We Skip the Line & guide inside the Château: we do not abandon you with an audio guide. -30€ entry tickets to be paid on the day. -Fountains: Sat & Sun. -Picnic at guest's cost.

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Bilde av Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower2 942 lokalkjente anbefaler
Bilde av Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum4 028 lokalkjente anbefaler
Bilde av Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe1 042 lokalkjente anbefaler
Bilde av Sacré-Cœur
Sacré-Cœur2 106 lokalkjente anbefaler
Bilde av Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars429 lokalkjente anbefaler
Bilde av Luxembourg Gardens
Luxembourg Gardens2 469 lokalkjente anbefaler

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Day trip from Paris to Champagne region - lunch included
Let’s discover together what makes Champagne so unique in a day from Paris! We will pick you up at your hotel and hit the road to the first visit in the early morning. On our way, we will share with you anecdotes and will offer you a butter croissant from our favorite bakery in town! Are you ready to explore amazing chalk galleries and famous Champagne houses, a UNESCO world heritage? You won’t leave without tasting some of the best Champagne, of course :) We will indulge ourselves with a typical French lunch perfectly paired with Champagne. Then, we will take you to one of our secret address: a middle sized Champagne estate to learn more about their vinification process. You will not end the visit without tasting the last Champagnes of the day. Finally, all good things must come to an end. We will drive you back to Paris and drop you off at a Hotel de Ville in the late afternoon. You will surely get some wonderful memories out of our day together. If time and weather permits it, we have a few surprises in store for you... Other things to note Wine cellars are usually quite cold and damp (45 °F / 10 °C): do not forget to bring warm clothes with you!
Hiking Adventure in Van Gogh's footsteps
Do you know that just 30mn on train from Paris, you can be totally immersed in the Nature ? During your stay in Paris, how about doing something different and taking a hike in the most beautiful forests, the most scenic countryside, and the most typical villages. This experience, in small group of less than 10 participants, brings you in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous Dutch impressionist painter. He died there in 1890 and is buried in the village along with his brother Theo. Our walk will take you through the city of Pontoise, the historical capital of the Vexin français, along the Oise river and in the quaint village of Auvers sur Oise, where Van Gogh painted his 80 last masterworks. I will take you to the exact locations where he painted some of these. Along the way, I will tell you the incredible story of his life so you can understand better what a genius he was. WARNING: Please be advised that this is a 12km (7.5miles) hike with some light hills. You need to be fit enough if you want to enjoy the walk. That means you should be able to walk at least 5km (3 miles) at a good pace (at least 4km/h or 2.5 miles/h) and without rest. The walk is designed to last about 5 hours with many breaks. If you want to take more time, please book a private tour.
French Crêpes tea time class near the Eiffel Tower
Stop by at tea-time for a crêpes making course in my apartment, where we will make sweet crêpes, a classic mid-afternoon French treat. It's great fun for children and grown ups alike. I will welcome you in the kitchen, living and dining room of my apartment, where I will introduce you to the equipment you'll be using, and tell you all about the right techniques to prepare a good dough. It's easier than it might sound! While it rests, we will prepare hot chocolate and the sides for our crepes (chocolate sauce, Chantilly cream, fruits and more), and I will fill you in on the history of crêpes in France - we even have a special day to celebrate them! - while you enjoy a hot drink. We will then cook and enjoy our crêpes, and you'll by then have all the knowledge needed to reproduce them at will, wherever you may be.
Museum d'Orsay x Families
Spark your kids creativity and all the family learn from the Masterpieces of d’Orsay. This is a Hands On experience that will immerse your family into the World of the Impressionists and more Unfold the essence and the approaches of: Van Gohg, Monet, Degas,Renoir and more. Experience the museum focusing on the creative process of the artists and how they have got inspired from Japan. This is an immersive experience in to an epoch represented by a group of artists - precursors of modern art This is a hands on immersive experience of the museum, making meaningful connections while having fun. We will visit the Main collection Impressionist, post impressionist The games and challenges are carefully designed to develop a creative thinking trough art appreciation and to be inspired from the curiosity that drove the scientific / creative spirit of the artists.
Croisière privée sur la Seine à Paris
Croisière sur la Seine à Paris sur le bateau ETTORE. Sur un bateau Yacht Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 CC avec tout l'espace et le confort possible (banquettes à l'avant et l'arrière, réfrigérateur, toilettes, wifi) balade sur la seine avec vues sur les monuments historiques et ponts rencontrés , pont Neuf, pont Alexandre III, le Louvre, Musée d'Orsay et Tour Eiffel bien sûr !! Prenons le temps pour contempler les endroits que vous préférez, faire demi tour ou vous le souhaitez ! Le plaisir des yeux est là, il faut en profiter.

Ting å gjøre i nærheten av Tour Eiffel - Parc du Champ-de-Mars

Eiffel Tower Visit with a guide and top elevator access
(Tickets are included once you’ve booked with us :) Visit the Eiffel Tower with a guide, who will give you an introduction to the tower and the history of its construction. Ascend to the 2nd floor by elevator and take in the sweeping views of the city as you ascend this iconic landmark. At the end of the 2nd floor visit, take the elevator that will take you to the top. At the top, enjoy some free time to take in views of the famous landmarks that can be seen atop the Eiffel Tower. See Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Trocadéro gardens and the golden dome of the Hôtel des Invalides. On the way back down, be sure to stop at the 1st floor where you can walk on the glass floor of the observation deck and see an exhibition on the Eiffel Tower. Leave with your head filled with memories of the capital's enchanting views and a new perspective of this magnificent city, Feel free to ask your guide any questions during the tour.
Secret wine door - French wine & cheese tasting
I wanted to start something a little bit different at 'Secret wine door' – to give you all the wine and cheese knowledge you can possibly imagine, but without the ‘classroom’ approach and atmosphere. Discover 5 French wines and 5 cheeses (can be replaced by charcuterie if you do not eat cheese) - with plenty of French bread - during my relaxed tasting experiences! For those that want to learn about both wine and cheese - this is the experience for you! Join me for this two-hour tantalising taste experience as you taste your way through delicious, flavoursome French cheese, expertly accompanied by French wines from some of the most famous wine regions in the world! All my wines are from independent French wine makers, giving you the opportunity to discover unique bottles from 5 different regions within France. Pull back the curtain on my exclusive secret spot and join me at 'secret wine door'. It’s just a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, and interestingly it’s on the same street the famous "Inception" movie was filmed. You’re in Paris after all – one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it’s only fitting you’re in the environment to match! Learn cheese and wine pairing tips, discover how to taste wine like a professional, hear some wine anecdotes & gain expert knowledge that will leave you feeling like a true expert. I'm here to make wine accessible to everyone!
Louvre x Families customized visit
Customize your visit to the Louvre and have a playful learning experience . Your whole family will embark on a fascinating expedition to discover different civilizations: we will travel back in time to learn about art thanks to the Louvre’s invaluable collections. During this interactive and exciting visit, families will work as a team of detectives, discovering why the works of art are so famous, decode their meaning, find details and secrets that lie behind the most famous pieces of the museum such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and more. All the pieces are selected for its relevance as milestones in art history; what's more: the 3-hour tour is enriched with exciting stories that will lead you to discover the history of the Louvre’s Palace and the kings and queens who inhabited. This tour is designed to give children an entertaining introduction to art appreciation while the activities train their observation skills, critical thinking, curiosity. Families will come out not only with a clear image of the Louvre's collection, but also having learned the concepts of art in general. Parents will learn and practice many different exercises they can use to engage kids at any museum.
Amazing Photos in Paris
Esta é uma oportunidade perfeita para você que deseja tirar ótimas fotos a um custo acessível e criar memórias incríveis em Paris. Durante esta experiência, você fará um pequeno passeio fotográfico pela área da Torre Eiffel. Esta é uma EXPERIÊNCIA COMPARTILHADA e cada horário acomoda até 6 pessoas. Cada passeio dura aproximadamente 1 hora. Se estiver acompanhado, DEVE FAZER RESERVA PARA CADA PESSOA, incluindo crianças. Cada pessoa terá direito a escolher 10 fotos. Mas, se desejar, você pode comprar fotos extras. A entrega será feita em até 3 dias após a experiência, enviada através de um link online. Se desejar algo especial e exclusivo, é possível reservar um horário diferente. Basta nos enviar uma mensagem. Se você tiver alguma dúvida, envie-nos uma mensagem. Vamos criar memórias incríveis de sua viagem a Paris!
Les chefs-d'oeuvre du Louvre histoire et petites curiosités
Information: Si la date de visite que vous souhaitez n'est pas disponible, n'hésitez pas à me contacter directement par message. Le billet d'entrée au musée n'est pas compris dans l'expérience. Aussi, merci de vous assurer de la disponibilité des billets sur le site internet du Louvre avant de réserver l'expérience. De l'époque médiévale à la pyramide de verre, le Louvre a une histoire longue de près de 800 ans. En effet, avant de devenir un musée à la Révolution française, le Louvre fut d'abord la résidence des rois de France. Je vous propose de partir à la découverte des plus grands chefs-d'oeuvre du Louvre et des magnifiques salles historiques qui les abritent. De "La Venus de Milo" à "La Joconde", nous rencontrerons au cours de notre visite "Le Sphinx de Tanis" qui veille sur les collections du Louvre depuis presque deux cents ans, mais aussi "La Victoire de Samothrace" qui fut témoin du vol de "La Joconde", sans oublier Napoléon qui n'en fit qu'à sa tête lors de son sacre. Si vous voulez connaître les petits secrets qui se cachent dans "Les Noces de Cana" et écouter le dialogue entre "Le Radeau de la Méduse" et "La Liberté guidant le Peuple", n'hésitez pas à me rejoindre. Je serais ravie de vous accompagner et de vous en faire découvrir davantage sur la grande Histoire et les petites curiosités du Louvre. A très bientôt!

Ting å gjøre i nærheten av Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

Livlig · Historisk · Kult

Day trip to charming Champagne
Visiting Champagne is the perfect day-trip from Paris and we aim to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Veronica will meet guests at the East train station in Paris (Gare de l’Est) either at 9h15 or 10am, depending on the train schedule that day. We will ride the one hour train together and then dive into the charm of the region's most interesting village, 'Epernay', the former home to Dom Pérignon. We will stroll through the village's farmers' market and pass by the famous sites before heading to the Moet & Chandon or Mercier house for a one-hour tasting (not mandatory and not included in the tour price). Before/after the tasting the group will enjoy a picturesque picnic together overlooking the valley and vineyards before heading back to Paris. The tour serves to provide an overview of the history of Champagne and the region, show guests some areas they would not find on their own and of course enjoy the local specialty! Guests are welcome to stay longer in Epernay or take the train to Reims if they prefer to explore the region further on their own. Other things to note: We will meet 25 min before the train departs in order to buy train tickets, get coffees and find comfortable seats on the train. The train will be at your expense and we will be in touch before the tour to help buy train tickets and answer any questions you may have about the tour.
Versailles in Mini groups from Paris with Skip the line
Starting from the centre of Paris you reach the magnificent Castle of Versailles by train in 40 minutes in company of our guide who will transform the transport in a pleasant foretaste of the Sun King's legendary palace. In Versailles you will discover the incredible history of this palace, the highlights of the building like the Gallery of Mirrors, the wall paintings by Charles Le Brun and the King's and Queen's bedrooms as well as many hidden gems and the best spots in the enormous gardens created by Louis XIV gardener André Le Nôtre. During the walk in the amazing French park you will see great fountains, hidden private gardens with monuments and artificial caves built on the King's wishes as well as the Grand Canal, a channel created on the model of the Canal Grande in Venice. We will make coming alive the Castle as it was at its golden period in the 18th century, when balls, fireworks and intrigues gave the rhythm to the daily life in the epicentre of French power and government. The Palace of Versailles wouldn't be empty walls with precious pieces of art and furniture for you, but the theatre of more than two centuries of history lasting from 1682 to Bastille Day in 1789. Other things to note SINGLE INSCRIPTION POSSIBLE. THE EXPERIENCE TAKES PLACE STARTING WITH THREE PARTICIPANTS. ADMITTANCE TICKETS TO THE PALACE NOT INCLUDED
Walk in the footsteps of Emily in Paris
It is high time you put on your beret to walk in the footsteps of the witty Emily in Paris. More than just a blockbuster, the Netflix TV show has brought to light some of the most intimate sights of Paris, let's uncover them together! This walk will take us to the shooting locations of the TV series in both seasons, from the Latin Quarter to Le Louvre area and even to the Palais Royal, where she usually has her picnics and the covered galeries. A wonderful stroll through the city that will allow you to take the most gorgeous pictures and step in the shoes of the heroine for one day! Besides, in this tour, you will learn about the anecdotes that makes each of these locations so special, and also some tips about the actual life in Paris. Sorry girls, a kiss on the hand might be quite continental, but no one does that anymore! On the way, we will stop at the Pierre Hermé shop, who once got the title of best pastry Chef in the world, for me to treat you with one of his delicious macarons. The tour will end by the stunning Palais Royal, close to the metro stops line 1 and . So put on some comfy shoes and your favorite outfit to get the most lovely pics as you learn even more about Paris history! The tour lasts 2.5h. I can also tour you in the Sainte Chapelle, the château de Versailles or le Louvre and the Orsay museum. Make sure to contact me if you need a different booking!
Le Musée du Louvre, entre Histoire et chefs-d’œuvre
Le Musée du Louvre : Entre Histoire et chefs-d’œuvre. Laissez-vous guider à travers le plus mythique musée du monde en petit groupe intimiste de maximum 6 personnes. Evitez ainsi les files d’attente et plongez à mes côtés au cœur des collections exceptionnelles du musée du Louvre. Notre visite sera remplie d’anecdotes croustillantes et les secrets du palais du Louvre vous seront dévoilés. Notre parcours nous emmènera admirer les plus grands chefs-d’œuvre du musée comme l'incontournable Joconde, l'antique Vénus de Milo, le sacre de Napoléon Ier, les esclaves de Michel-Ange ainsi que les bijoux de la couronne de France gardés dans l'exceptionnelle galerie d'Apollon. Que vous soyez novices ou amateurs d'art, nous adapterons évidemment la visite afin que ces deux heures ensemble soient une expérience passionnante et enrichissante. Important : cette expérience n’inclut pas les billets. Une fois que vous aurez réservé, je vous enverrai un lien pour acheter le billet en ligne en amont de la visite.
Wonders of the Louvre & Rise and Fall of Napoleon
Paris without the Louvre is like not visiting Paris at all! Join me for this entertaining visit of the biggest museum in the world. We will focus on the highlights of the Louvre: the attractive Venus of Milo, the majestic Winged Victory of Samothrace, the iconic “Liberty Leading the People”, of course Mona Lisa and much more. Wandering around the halls, and talking about art we will discover the Rise and Fall of one of the most interesting personalities in the French History: Napoleon. Please be aware that tickets to the Museum are NOT included and need to be purchased As Soon As you book the Tour. I also provide private tours of the Palace of Versailles & Orsay Museum.
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