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Cristal Clear Kayak in Punta Uva
Cuando te unas a esta aventura mágica, explorarás el mar Caribe en un kayak transparente diseñado para ser compartido por dos personas, (a menos que seas la única persona que reservó). Es una experiencia increíble y secreta de kayak desde la jungla hasta el mar verde esmeralda. Cuando llegue, se sorprenderá de lo bello que es este lugar. Remarás por un tranquilo estero hacia la jungla, familiarizándote con el kayak. Después de la carrera de práctica, la segunda parte de esta aventura estará expuesta al mar en calma. Gracias al fondo cristalino podrás disfrutar del mundo submarino y su tesoro. Es emocionante ver el arrecife y todos sus peces. Si tenemos suerte, verá nadando debajo a mantarrayas, peces loro y delfines, a los que podrás fotografiar. Y si nos queda tiempo, pueden tomarse fotos solos en el Kayak en el exótico Mar Caribe. POR FAVOR tomar en cuenta que el Mar es un ser vivo, y a veces no se puede salir al mar por seguridad. Y eso, nosotros lo tomamos muy en serio. Si ese es el caso, solo se puede pasear en el río, pero no se preocupen, porque es muy hermoso, y lleno de vida, es donde más oportunidad tendremos de ver animales y vegetación. Además te llevaremos a una caminata a un mirador espectacular para sustituir.
Sloth Tour on Emerald Beach and Jungle Kayak
Would you love to see a sloth in it's natural habita on a Caribbean beach? Punta Uva serves as a favorite among visitors. It’s a small town that has stunning beaches, wildlife, a quiet atmosphere with beautiful viewpoints. You will be kayaking and walking the jungle trails and beaches with a professional guide visiting a amazing viewpoint and a cave. You'll learn about history, culture, plants and wildlife while searching for a sloth out in the wild. The Caribbean Jungle is home to more than 300 bird species, big blue butterflies, interesting insects and other animals like poison dart frogs, iguanas, snakes, sloths, armadillos, several species of monkeys among others. We believe every animal is a important part of an ecosystem and that they don't belong behind a fence for human show. So the best way to support the sustainability is by ecotourism activities like this one. This tour is in search of wildlife so there's a possibility that we might not see what we are out to find. The sloths are not in cages and move around freely on this beach and sometimes but hardly ever just don't want to be seen. But 99% of the time we do find them and see up to 10 or more on good days.
Discover Cahuita National Park with Yazmin Tours
Join us on a tour of the trails of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Costa Rica. And take with you an experience that you will never forget. We will walk along the white beach trails surrounded by the beautiful blue sea that adorns the Caribbean. discovering the animals that are camouflaged among the flora, and their natural history. Some animals are at long distances therefore the guide will provide optical equipment.
Whale and dolphin watching Tour in Uvita
8:20 am Arrival our office 8:30 am Meeting with the guide , he'll give you instructions about the tour 9:00 am Start of the boat tour at the Marino Ballena National Park . We'll look for whales, dolphins, turtles and visit caves. If the water is clear you can do snorkel. 12:00 am End of the boat tour Other things to note Whales period from July until October, January to April and Dolphins all the year. They are animals so you can not guarantee 100% their sighting but the tour is to look for them. You'll love it!
Puerto Viejo Hidden Gems & Waterfall
It is best to take this experience on your first days here since you will learn a lot about the area. I will pick you up at your Airbnb, in a comfortable car, and we will go our first destination: The Cliff. This is the place where magnificent pictures could be taken. The walk is not difficult or long, there are just two easy steps up and the top is breathtaking with stunning views of ocean. All fitness levels are welcome. After this perfect Instagram photo opportunity we will go to the Iguana Project, breeding and releasing green iguana sanctuary, located in the indigenous protected area and founded by Costa Rica Ministry of Natural Resources, where you can see free iguanas close-by. Then we will go to the Bri Bri Waterfall, the magical place in the woods, where we will relax, swim in the waterfall pool, have beers and talk about Puerto Viejo. You will learn which beaches are good for surfing, which for swimming and which for snorkelling, where are the places where you can spot animals, where is the best Caribbean restaurant and where to go if you are craving sushi; where to dance the night away or listen to live music whether it is jazz or reggae.You will also learn about local culture, lifestyle and history of Puerto Viejo. Pura Vida! Other things to note Bring your own camera, sunscreen, shoes/sandals rather than flip flops, mosquito spray, water shoes if you have them.
Vive la Cultura Indígena Bribri
Mi experiencia los profundizara a conocer más vivir la cultura indígena Bribri. Una de las culturas más interesantes por su manera de vivir en armonía con la naturaleza. Los llevare a conocer mis pueblos, donde crecí aprendiendo mis raíces indígenas, trasmitido de generación en generación, donde trabajamos sosteniblemente ayudando a familias de los territorios. Gracias a Sibö (El ser súper indígena Dios) tuve la oportunidad crecer en los territorio indígena aprender la sabiduría de nuestros antepasados, amar y cuidar la naturaleza, donde desperté un deseo de rescatar mi cultura y compartirla con las personas que nos visitan. En el territorio disfrutaremos de imponentes montañas, hermosos ríos, su criolla cocina, vida simple, actividades ancestrales, como la preparación del cacao una bebida sagrada, su lengua Bribri, su medicina natural y su cosmovisión. Realmente es una cultura muy rica en conocimientos para aprender de ella, en una experticia única.
Hands on artesanal chocolate, bean to bar
You'll learn the entire process from tree to bar, making chocolate from scratch: roasting, grinding, tempering then molding. With tasting all along the way. Starting with the trees I'll talk about cultivation and harvesting and the role of fermentation and drying in the flavours of the chocolate. Then we'll make chocolate. You'll be grinding beans in our cast iron hand mill and winnowing the old fashioned way, then I'll be sharing the secrets of tempering before the delicate practice of molding the bars. Puerto Viejo has a long long history of cacao production and I'll share that history with you, talking about the characters and stories of the area as we teach you how to make great chocolate. You'll be joining our happy, tiny team of 4. There will be lots to learn and taste, from flavour development to label design, this is a full experience! This experience is the most hands on in the area, you will get chocolate on you! Other things to note We are a short walk from Puerto Viejo along the beautiful black sand beach of Playa Negra. Our farm is a forest of fruit, native and nut trees and the coolness of lush jungle is refreshing.
Chocolate and Wine/Beer Pairings
During approximately 60 minutes, you'll get to experience a selection of our best chocolates paired with either our local draft beers or wine: - Chocolate and beer pairing: 4oz of each of our 4 local draft beers, each coming with 2 pieces of our best chocolates - Chocolate and wine pairing: 2.5oz of each of our 3 wines (Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica), each coming with 2 pieces of our best chocolates Other things to note The 20% Airbnb fee and our 10% service fee are included in our price. Can be combined with our other popular experience "Chocolate and Rum Pairing." Contact me for details. Refer to the "Guest requirements" section below for specific diets, allergies and intolerances.
Jungle Hike to Giant Waterfall
Just 5 minutes from the center of town you can move from the beach to the tropical rainforest. As easy as literally crossing the Street, doing this you will enter the Kekoldi indigenous territory. You’ll have secure parking from where the hike starts. 5 minots in, you’ll begin diving into the rainforest. First crossing an old cacao farm. Then you’ll pass three humble huts of indigenous families. One hour in you'll be in the depth of the forest. Some trees with more than 200 years of safeguarding these territories. This jungle has species of plants and shrubs with healing properties. A wide variety of palms such as chonta and suita that provide materials for the construction of the traditional Bribri house. About 2 hours in you’ll be approaching our great surprise. Descend to the KEKOLDI river. Follow the river, until we encounter an imposing 45 meters high waterfall. Here enjoy swimming and appreciating the tropical jungle at this secret and remote place. After enjoying and delighting in this breathtaking place it’s time to head back to the start. We will be walking in the jungle so you might get some mud on your shoes. And if it's raining we will still get mud so don't let a rainy day stop us. Total distance is 10km. For some people the hick could be a challenge.
Afro Latin Dance and Culture
My experience is about learning and enjoying the African movements in the Latin sounds. Understanding the root of body movements to the rhythms from the African culture. A crash course if you will. You will enjoy Afro Latin dance in a whole new way. Do not expect a Zumba or yoga class! In my dance experience, we explore the basic steps of the Afro-Diaspora culture dances. The essential body moves to dance to all the most popular music found in Latin America taught by a native, without appropriation. To understand a culture you must experience their food, music and dance. For us, dance is a"celebration" a way of life! We will warm up to AFRICAN drums, and learn basic BACHATA steps. build according to the individual and/or group dynamics and move on to the SALSA beats. To rapp it up, we will celebrate with SOCCA and/or DANCEHALL and the section will end with mystic REGGAE. Never sit down again while the music is playing. We may be a group but sometimes it can be just you and me! I am passionate about dance. Now let's dance like no one is watching! Other things to note This session is conducted barefoot and with comfortable clothing. In order to take place in this experience please ensure that you can perform one hour of intense workout. “Dance is but a form of expression of our thoughts and feelings that uses the body as an instrument to the sounds of music”
Food & Culture Tour
Dive into the exotic tastes of Caribbean Costa Rica on this exploration of the region's vibrant and colorful food culture. Tuck into classics like rice and beans with coconut milk, and try new flavors like patacon—a dish made with green plantain. You can chat with local cooks to find out more about the region's culinary heritage. Team up with your guide in Puerto Viejo, and go on foot to scope out the area's best eats. With six different food samplings along the route, we will stop at small local restaurants for bowls of rich rondon—seafood soup—bite into delicate pieces of chicken cooked with coconut milk, and save room for a sweet-tooth-satisfying dessert of plantintá—a pastry filled with sweet plantain, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Along the way, you'll learn how other cultures have influenced the country's cuisine, and get tips on other places to eat around town before we part ways and you continue your culinary adventures on your own. Other things to note I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, and bring sunscreen and a bottle of water.
Chocolate and Rum Pairing
During approximately 60 minutes, you'll get experience a selection of our best chocolates paired with the local rum of Costa Rica: - 3 x 1oz of the same rum at different ages, each coming with 2 pieces of our best chocolates Other things to note The 20% Airbnb fee and our 10% service fee are included in our price. Can also be combined with our other experience "Wine/beer Chocolate Pairing". Contact me for details. Refer to the "Guest requirements" section below for specific diets, allergies and intolerances.
Hike, Learn & Taste a Chocolate Forest
Experience the life of the chocolate forest on this nature hike through a pure jungle and organic cacao farm, learning all about and tasting cacao on every step of the tree-to-bar chocolate journey. Our adventure begins on an organic cacao farm, where you will be introduced to this food of the gods while we walk through a fair-trade cacao processing operation. You’ll learn about the history of cacao from ancient civilizations, and see how it is processed today to become chocolate. You’ll get to taste everything at each step of the transformation from raw fruit to processed, roasted, and evolving forms of chocolate. This is a nature hiking experience, and we’ll ascend to some spectacular ocean views. I’ll introduce you to the cacao forest, teeming with life as we see first-hand what makes a pure jungle, and how this is the ideal ecosystem not only for cacao but much more. We’ll sit down at another ocean view to enjoy an intense chocolate tasting experience. This is for true chocolate lovers! I’ll serve you the original ancient chocolate, a hot drink made by the Aztecs and Mayans. Then you’ll get to try the first ‘new world’ chocolate, and learn about its evolution to modern-day. Finally, you’ll try our own European-style pure chocolates in a variety of sweetness’ to let you re-discover what real chocolate is!
Cabalgata por la Hacienda Aquiares
/!\ FAVOR RESERVAR ANTES DE VENIR /!\ Montar a caballo se siente diferente cuando está rodeado de vegetación profunda, abundante vida silvestre y las vistas y sonidos de una comunidad vibrante. En este día, nuestra Hacienda es tuya para descubrir! Agenda: - Bienvenida en Casa Hacienda La Esperanza, café y queque ofrecidos (30 min) - Conozca tu amistoso caballo (15 min) - Cabalgata hasta la catarata (1 hora) - Cabalgata hasta un mirador con vista increíble al pueblo (1 hora) - Descubra el beneficio y la tostadora (30 min) - Visita a la iglesia de Aquiares (15 min) - Visita a la cafetería y tienda (15 min) Horarios: 9am o 1pm Formará parte de nuestra comunidad durante todo el día, aprenderá todo sobre café, desde la semilla hasta el proceso de tueste, y descubrirá nuestra finca y naturaleza! Nos reservamos el derecho de cancelar la actividad por motivo de un clima desfavorable a la cabalgata (tipo fuertes lluvias). Otros aspectos destacables Vengan a vivir una experiencia auténtica y única en Aquiares! Nos adaptamos a todo tipo de público y podemos personalizar los tours según sus deseos. ¡Esperamos que decidan visitarnos!
Caves, Surfing, Waterfall & Pura vida
This half-day adventure will begin with a surfing lesson, and then we'll play in the sea caves at the amazing Ventanas Beach. We'll finish off the experience with a refreshing dip and a bit of relaxing at a beautiful waterfall, where we'll drink from coconuts. Other things to note Bring your own towel, sunscreen, and a positive attitude.