Naviger fremover for å få tilgang til foreslåtte resultater

    Hva betyr det når en dato er merket som populær?

    Popular dates are indicated on your calendar by an up arrow icon. Having popular dates open on your calendar could help you get booked—that’s why they’re highlighted.

    How popular dates are determined

    Popular dates can change frequently because they’re based on real-time searches for stays, plus the number of available listings. Our tools predict popular dates up to 10 weeks in advance and they become more accurate the closer you are to the date.

    Dates are considered to be popular if:

    1. More travelers than usual are searching for stays on those dates, when compared to the yearly average
    2. The occupancy rate is higher than the yearly average—that means fewer listings than usual are available to book

    Unblocking a popular date

    To make those dates available for travelers to book, log in to your account on a desktop computer or browser (not using the Airbnb app):

    1. Go to your Calendar
    2. Click a date to select it, or click and drag your cursor to select multiple dates
    3. Select Available
    4. Click Save

    If a date was previously blocked due to your settings (ex: it was automatically blocked by your advance notice setting), making that date available won’t edit your overall Availability settings. Learn more about editing your reservation preferences.

    Fikk du hjelpen du trengte?

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