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    Oppdatering om COVID-19
    Gå til kontrollpanelet for å se alternativer for kansellering og refusjon.Reservasjoner som dekkes av vilkårene for formildende omstendigheter kan kanselleres før innsjekking uten sanksjoner eller innvirkning på Superhost-statusen din.

    Hvordan kan jeg som vert for en opplevelse kansellere en reservasjon?

    To cancel an instance of your experience, locate it in your calendar, and select Cancel experience. Your guests will receive a notification and a full refund.

    Cancellations can be very disruptive to guests' plans. Because of this, penalties may apply if you cancel an experience that’s already been booked by a guest.

    Cancellations may incur a fee of up to 20% of the booking value of the cancelled experience, deducted from an upcoming payout. We’ll notify you if a fee will be charged before you complete a cancellation.

    Frequent cancellations, or no-shows, are a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in removal of the experience from Airbnb.


    If your experience takes place outdoors, you may cancel if weather conditions create an unsafe or uncomfortable environment for your guests. You won't receive a penalty.

    We may reach out for documentation to verify weather-related claims.

    Emergencies or safety issues

    We understand that emergencies happen. No penalties are applied for cancellations under the Extenuating Circumstance Policy, or for cancellations made for valid safety reasons.

    Re-booking on a different date or time

    If you arrange an alternative time that your guests agree to, contact us to let us know after you cancel. We’ll verify that your guests have agreed, and remove any penalty that was applied.

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