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    Hvordan kobler jeg Airbnb-kalendere for flere utleiesteder?

    If you have multiple listings on Airbnb, you can link their Airbnb calendars to prevent double-bookings. For example, if you have a listing for a private room and a listing for an entire home, by linking your calendars, an accepted reservation for the entire home will also block the calendar’s reservation dates of the private room.

    To link Airbnb calendars for multiple listings:

    1. Go to your dashboard > Listings and select a listing
    2. Click Availability
    3. Scroll to Linked Airbnb calendars and click Edit
    4. Click Create linked calendars to select a listing—the listing you select will become the parent listing
    5. Click Next
    6. Select any other listings that you want to link to the parent listing’s calendar
    7. Click Save

    To unlink a listing’s calendar, follow these same steps except unselect the checkbox in step 4 and click Save. The link will be removed.


    • Calendars will only be linked between the parent and child listings you choose, and do not create a linked calendar between child listings.
    • Calendars can only be linked if they have the same primary host.
    • Co-hosts don’t have the ability to link calendars.
    • Airbnb can block your calendar if you haven’t provided all the information required for your account.
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